Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hidden Shadows Hack (UPDATED Feb 2014) - Cheats


Do you need more energy or memory on the hit game 'Hidden Shadows'? Maybe you could do with some extra silver and passion to help you along?

Well now you can have all of these at the click of a button...for FREE


Hidden Shadows Hack

By using this Hidden Shadows hack, you can:

  • Add Unlimited Silver
  • Add Unlimited Memory
  • Have Unlimited Energy
  • Add Unlimited Fear
  • Add Unlimited Passion


  1. Download the hack by clicking the download button below
  2. Open the hack and load up the game on your computers internet browser
  3. Select what browser you are using and click 'CONNECT TO FACEBOOK' (Dont worry, if you are already logged into facebook, the hack will not ask for any passwords as you will be logged in already)
  4. Check the box for what ever item you what an unlimited amount of and then click 'Run Hack'
  5. Enjoy your free things

Download The Hidden Shadows Hack

To download the hidden shadows hack, just click on the download link below:

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